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Born in Cluj, Romania in 1955.
Started painting at early age.
Studied painting with Laszlo Toth and art history with Ervin Ditroi.
Emigrated to Israel with his parents, finished high school and served in Israeli army.
Studied painting in the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Florence with Trovarelli between 1977 and 1982.
Settled in Zurich, Switzerland in 1983, married and had a child in 1986.


  • 1994: 39 Binz, Zürich; Pennarz Gallery (Alte Schule) Gundamsried; Pfaffenhofen (Deutschland)
  • 1996: Gallery Stubnitz Kontor, Zürich
  • 1997: AllMedia Productions, Zürich
  • 1998: Hewlett Gallery, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (USA)
  • 2003: The Frick Art & Historical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
  • 2004: Hongrois Institut de Paris, Paris
  • 2004: Dorottya Gallery (Ernst Museum), Budapest (Ungarn)
  • 2005: Lebewohlfabrik, Zürich
  • 2006/2007: Yeshiva University Museum, New York City (USA)
  • 2007: Cooperativo, Zürich
  • 2008: Galerie Hauptmann und Kampa, Zürich


Studio address:
Langstrasse 65
CH-8004 Zurich

Post address:
Zypressen str. 3
Ch-8003 Zurich

Tel : 0041-44-241-0682

e-mail: Valentin Lustig

For more Information about Mr. Lustig's work:

Dr. Edith Balas, Professor of Art History, Carnegie Mellon University and Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh.

Home: 136 Beechwood Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, Ph: (412) 361-0790

Office: Carnegie Mellon University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Baker Hall A60J, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890, Ph: (412) 268-2411


The Lustig Code, The Jewish Week, 6/2/06

Book by Urs Widmer: Valentin Lustigs Pilgerreise and a translated recension, 2008

Book by V. Lustig: Piramida lui Mulgăreanu, in Rumanian, 1989, also in Hungarian: A Hadnagy Elvtars Piramisa

Gogea's Blog about Lustig's painting "Capitan Nemo's Harem"

Tageblatt Zurich Aug.22, 2018

Babelkultur: Das TRIPTYCHON "LE RÉEL" 2020, English translation

Helyőrség, Nov.5, 2021: In memoriam Szőcs Géza

Helyőrség, July 29,2023: Martos Gábor: Valentin Lustig Nemo kapitány háreme


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